Meet Jen

Hi there, I’m Jen and I am so pleased to meet you, another creative soul.

God is my Father, Jesus is my Savior, and His Word is the place I run when I want to run away.

I feel His pleasure when I create and I create to give Him glory.

I am married to my best friend and high school sweetheart, Ken, who has an addiction to breakfast tacos and a voice like an angel. He is my warrior, fighting hard to keep his family focused on the grace of God. I’m hoping some of his recordings will show up in this spot on the internet. You’ll be blown away.

I have been a stay-at-home mom for ten years, homemaking and homeschooling my two precious squirrely boys, both of whom were brought to us through international adoption.  Mikhail, my brilliant boy full of deep thoughts and the heart of a lion, is now 12 years old. Lukas, my gorgeous brown eyed silly goose with a delightful giggle that stops people in their tracks, is now 6 years old.

One of the most real reasons I am beginning this little spot to ponder is for its accountability to keep creating art, which I know is hard-wired into my being by my Maker.  Creativity can be hard, life is busy, I’m often very dissatisfied with outcomes…

Yet I know I am most fully myself when I spend time in creative endeavors.

Let’s cheer each other on, shall we?

Why “Spotted Puppy”?

Because Heelers are like potato chips, and so we are now on our fourth.  And yes, they are indeed spotted.  My first Red Heeler was named Nicholas and he was epic.  Epic, people.  Being my first puppy love, it just seemed right to use Nick’s persona once again for this blog.  See him up there at the top of the page holing the paintbrush in his mouth?

Hiking with Nick at Bastrop State Park

The family line of Fortner Spotted Puppies continues with:

  • Gracie Mae, sweet baby girl and face biter. We miss you, Roo.

    Livingston 008
    Camping with Grace at Lake Livingston.   Isn’t she so pretty in red?
  • Elijah Barnabas, unstable yet just as lovable. Best nose ever. Five years old.

    Version 2
    This guy is a hoot- and he runs like a cheetah!
  • Caedmon Zebedee, nearly perfect puppy companion. Three years old.
    I mean, come ON. Just look at that face!


Absolutely, we are those kind of dog people. Yes, they sleep in our bed.  Yes, it’s sometimes a little awful.  Waddya’ gonna do?