I need lots of repetition.

You, too?

If left to its own devises, boy, does this mind ever wander off the truth path.

These ponderings in this little spot of the internet are an effort to rehearse truth about myself, my life, my art and my God.

Ponder with me, the art of God in this world around us.

Ponder His love in giving His own creation the ability to create.

Let’s ponder together how we see Him live and move and bless us in this place.

Let’s practice truth.

God tells me that my weaknesses have purpose, so I’m practicing contentment in the messy areas of life.  God tells me He delights in our love relationship, so I’m practicing abiding love.  God tells me I am His workmanship, so I am practicing the creative process, just like He did in the beginning.

And, knowing the character of my Father, all this pondering and practicing will bring us to places of joy and peacefulness that knock our socks off.

I don’t want to miss any of those good grace gifts He is lavishing on me, and I bet you don’t either!